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good eggs

Sorry it’s been so long, but I’ve been really busy making gifts from the kitchen!!! Tomorrow’s the deadline so as soon as I’m done, I’ll show you what I was up to.

In the meantime, we did finally eat our first eggs:

Was fried eggs a cop out? Maybe you think I should have done some legwork and found just the right recipe? Well, the truth is I was being lazy. But I was also just really really hungry. And because I only added butter and S&P, I could really taste those eggs. They were worth the wait.


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something so nice

Here’s the best thing I’ve tried all week (shoot–is it only Monday?):

Vanilla ice cream topped with crumbled chocolate chip cookies over frozen fudge. It’s just genius: The fudge is on the bottom so the heat from your hands as you hold the container melts the fudge (!!) into a smooth chocolate sauce! Amazing. The selling point for me was the cookie dough in the ice cream, but two containers later and I’ve yet to find any. A small flaw in an otherwise perfect treat. I give it two thumbs up.

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3 chickens + 50 lbs lay mash + 5 lbs kitchen scraps = 1 shitload of poop
1 ton poop + 1 composter = an amazing kitchen garden!

For an amateur urban farmer, I’m a terrible gardener. But that’s all about to change, thanks to the chickens and our handy dandy Earth Machine!

We got ours at the Bureau of Sanitation’s bimonthly compost bin sale. And you can too. All for just $20. That’s 75% off the retail price!

But will it work? Stay tuned!

*Please excuse my profanity, but in case you don’t know, this is an actually expression, albeit one coined by me.

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home sweet home

Check out the new digs. Aren’t we fancy? We’re house sitting until the end of the year. Wanna come visit?

the prius looks right at home

my new workspace

our backyard

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fancy feasts

Here’s what’s cookin’: Ground turkey mixed with water, gently heated until no longer pink, and pureed. Fresh Oregon pears, steamed and pureed. Frozen in ice cube trays. At mealtime, heated and combined.

This is prime eating for our Snookie. The only thing better? Turkey plus mashed bananas. Yum! I think she’s going to love Alinea when she grows up.

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christmas cracker

If you haven’t noticed, I tend to get excited about a lot of neat stuff. But ask Nina and she’ll tell you, there are two things I love above all else. The first is public transportation (especially the BART!). The second is any and all articles about gifts made in the kitchen. Candies, cookies, granolas, even spice rubs can be fixed up at home and gifted in cute little packages. High five!

So imagine my joy when joythebaker made poppy seed crackers for her blog. And put them in cute jars!

I was inspired and so I copied her. It was easy. Crackers are actually simple to make, even when your baby wakes up early from her nap and cries through the rolling and the cutting. Don’t worry–it’s worth it. Because this recipe from the King Arthur cookbook is a revelation: The crackers are tender and light and crispy and wheaty. I’ve never tasted better. Plus, you probably have all the ingredients on hand–no shopping necessary. So what’re you waiting for?

thin and crispy


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two and counting…

Jenni: Keep up the good work!

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