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playing possum

yet another victim?

When Daniel…er coach…no, I mean the coroner showed me this body, I thought for sure our killer had struck again. Turns out this possum was just playing! And that crazy hairdo? Courtesy of Sophia the pitbill. Nice!

From here, it was a quick shovel-ride to the hills below the 134. Happy trails, Possum!


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The truth is that I’ve been afraid of our chickens!  imagine that, all this talk about urban farming and I was afraid of getting pecked.  My husband, being the great man that he is, insisted that I catch and hold the chickens and get over my fear.  The first time I tried it I looked like Rocky Balboa chasing the rooster and I didn’t even get close.  hi five!

Hey readers, I just sat down at my computer to find the above passage–already written and ready to go. Thanks, coach! BTW, if you’re pretending to be me, you should remember: I’ve never seen Rocky. So that reference goes right over my head.

And just so you all know, I did pick up the chickens today. Every one of them. And it was neat. So thanks, coach.

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crime watch

Early last week, unknown assailants claimed yet another life–this time just outside the chicken coop.

Authorities now recommend that small birds and undersized rodents stay clear of the area, especially after dark.

coroner on the scene

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I love love birds. Especially Fred. He lived at our housesitting house, where he spent all day swinging around on his trapeze, splashing water in his birdbath, and banging seeds open on the side of his cage. But don’t come too close or Fred will open up that tiny beak. Eek!

I really miss him.

Fred's view. Nice, huh?

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good eggs

Sorry it’s been so long, but I’ve been really busy making gifts from the kitchen!!! Tomorrow’s the deadline so as soon as I’m done, I’ll show you what I was up to.

In the meantime, we did finally eat our first eggs:

Was fried eggs a cop out? Maybe you think I should have done some legwork and found just the right recipe? Well, the truth is I was being lazy. But I was also just really really hungry. And because I only added butter and S&P, I could really taste those eggs. They were worth the wait.

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two and counting…

Jenni: Keep up the good work!

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Is the chicken coop a high-crime zone? That’s what residents are asking after the discovery, just this morning, of a second body in the hen’s run.

Victim number one–a bird of unknown species–was found late yesterday afternoon. Cause of death unknown. Investigators uncovered no signs of struggle and identified no visible wounds.

victim no. 1

The bird’s death was believed to be an isolated incident until this morning’s gruesome discovery.

victim no. 2

Is a serial killer on the loose? We’ll keep you posted.

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