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Watching this movie was a big mistake.

big mistake

Its English title is Samaritan Girl, and it’s about this Korean schoolgirl (right) who acts as a pimp for her best friend (left). I’m sure you’re already thinking what was I thinking, but Netflix thought I would like it, I think. Anyway, these two are a bunch of amateurs. The pimp is reluctant, but the prostitute is (disturbingly) eager. It’s all just fun and games (for her, anyway) until this happens:

The pimp is also the lookout. But one day she misses the cops, who corner the prostitute in a second-story motel room. The prostitute escapes out the window(?!). And although the main character looks away, we still hear a sickening splat. The reaction shot is a look of horror; the camera pans to show her beloved friend, whose head hit the pavement. Even worse, she’s still alive! They escape (as shown) and make it to a hospital. But still, the prostitute dies, alone and confused.

Awesome movie! And yet, I keep watching.

To redeem her friend, the main character goes on a mission: She’ll meet the johns and give them back their money(?!). But it soon becomes apparent that what she’ll really do is screw them all. (Literally, that is.)

This is when I turn it off and go eat my lunch.

Luckily, this YouTube video filled me in on the rest: She does sleep with all the johns. And her very sweet, single father (who happens to be a detective) finds out. He kills one (or all?) of the men. Then he kills her. The end.

Can’t wait to watch this gem? See it instantly on Netflix. It’s free with a monthly membership!


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