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snookie in a snit

She just hates getting her picture taken. Pobrecita.

Plus, it looks like the only thing she got from me was her posture. (Well, that and her even temper.) Oh shoot!


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i love connectivity

It’s true: I’m now on Facebook. Who am I anymore???

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day is done

Nine thirty on a Thursday evening and here’s what it looks like in my house:

Even pony’s asleep!

Is it just me–or does this happen to you?

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did you know…

…that generally speaking, women have a better sense of smell than men? Turns out, we’re especially attuned to skatole, which (in case you don’t know) is what makes poop stink. Lucky us.

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home sweet home

Check out the new digs. Aren’t we fancy? We’re house sitting until the end of the year. Wanna come visit?

the prius looks right at home

my new workspace

our backyard

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