what was i thinking?

Watching this movie was a big mistake.

big mistake

Its English title is Samaritan Girl, and it’s about this Korean schoolgirl (right) who acts as a pimp for her best friend (left). I’m sure you’re already thinking what was I thinking, but Netflix thought I would like it, I think. Anyway, these two are a bunch of amateurs. The pimp is reluctant, but the prostitute is (disturbingly) eager. It’s all just fun and games (for her, anyway) until this happens:

The pimp is also the lookout. But one day she misses the cops, who corner the prostitute in a second-story motel room. The prostitute escapes out the window(?!). And although the main character looks away, we still hear a sickening splat. The reaction shot is a look of horror; the camera pans to show her beloved friend, whose head hit the pavement. Even worse, she’s still alive! They escape (as shown) and make it to a hospital. But still, the prostitute dies, alone and confused.

Awesome movie! And yet, I keep watching.

To redeem her friend, the main character goes on a mission: She’ll meet the johns and give them back their money(?!). But it soon becomes apparent that what she’ll really do is screw them all. (Literally, that is.)

This is when I turn it off and go eat my lunch.

Luckily, this YouTube video filled me in on the rest: She does sleep with all the johns. And her very sweet, single father (who happens to be a detective) finds out. He kills one (or all?) of the men. Then he kills her. The end.

Can’t wait to watch this gem? See it instantly on Netflix. It’s free with a monthly membership!


playing possum

yet another victim?

When Daniel…er coach…no, I mean the coroner showed me this body, I thought for sure our killer had struck again. Turns out this possum was just playing! And that crazy hairdo? Courtesy of Sophia the pitbill. Nice!

From here, it was a quick shovel-ride to the hills below the 134. Happy trails, Possum!

day is done

Nine thirty on a Thursday evening and here’s what it looks like in my house:

Even pony’s asleep!

Is it just me–or does this happen to you?

gifts part four

Okay, okay, I’m almost done bragging about my X-Mas gifts. Here’s just one more: Sheboygan brats.

Please try this at home.

Honestly, sausage making isn’t hard–it’s weird and somewhat gross and totally fun. But you will need four hands for stuffing the hog casings. (I borrow two from coach.) A meat grinder and a sausage stuffer are pretty important too. (I use the attachments to my KitchenAid stand mixer.) You could just have your butcher grind the meat, and then form it into patties. But where’s the fun in that???

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true confessions

The truth is that I’ve been afraid of our chickens!  imagine that, all this talk about urban farming and I was afraid of getting pecked.  My husband, being the great man that he is, insisted that I catch and hold the chickens and get over my fear.  The first time I tried it I looked like Rocky Balboa chasing the rooster and I didn’t even get close.  hi five!

Hey readers, I just sat down at my computer to find the above passage–already written and ready to go. Thanks, coach! BTW, if you’re pretending to be me, you should remember: I’ve never seen Rocky. So that reference goes right over my head.

And just so you all know, I did pick up the chickens today. Every one of them. And it was neat. So thanks, coach.

gifts part three

Grandma’s gift this year was something deliciously old-school: chicken rillette. And what, you’re asking, is rillette? It’s shredded  (or chopped) meat mixed with lots of fat and served as a spread for crusty bread. It’s horrible for you and it tastes amazing.

This recipe comes to us from Palate Food & Wine in Glendale, via Bon Appétit. You can tell it’s a restaurant recipe because each element is painstakingly concocted. The chicken isn’t just poached and shredded. First it’s rubbed with herbs, then it rests overnight to absorb the flavors. Next it’s seared on the stovetop, then it’s braised in the oven. Once it’s cool, it’s finally shredded. The result, though, is the essence of chicken. And despite the time involved, it’s easy to do–sous chef or no.

Ready to make it yourself? You can find the recipe here. Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget the cornichon.

crime watch

Early last week, unknown assailants claimed yet another life–this time just outside the chicken coop.

Authorities now recommend that small birds and undersized rodents stay clear of the area, especially after dark.

coroner on the scene