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Welcome to our home, Ms. Agave Victoria Regina!

And crassula falcata and aeonium arboreum swarzkop and sedum dasyphyllum and senecio mandraliscae and senecio anteuphorbium and some red sort of echeveria.

Last week, Coach and I went to World Wide Exotics, an incredible nursery way out where the 210 meets the 5. They specialize in drought-tolerant plants–meaning ones that are hard to kill!!! (Or so I hope.)

Plus, they look really neat: Vicky looks like a really dangerous artichoke. And one of those senecios looks kind of like asparagus. I’m so excited, I also bought about a million pots. Hey Coach, wide five!


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the competition

I haven’t been writing–I’ve been too busy baking this

oatmeal bread

and this

whole wheat walnut loaf

and this

dried cherry scone

Nice! Here at HeyChickens we’ve got so many good breakfast options! So what did coach choose??? (Drum roll, please.) He ate this

freakin' fancy loaf

The neighbor’s bread!

“Hey Coach, thanks for shoveling away that possum. Try my fancy friggin’ bread.”

Oh yes, it’s true: I am not the big winner. While I’ve been trifling with quick breads and sandwich loaves, our neighbor has mastered hearth breads!!! And oh man, does it hurt.

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playing possum

yet another victim?

When Daniel…er coach…no, I mean the coroner showed me this body, I thought for sure our killer had struck again. Turns out this possum was just playing! And that crazy hairdo? Courtesy of Sophia the pitbill. Nice!

From here, it was a quick shovel-ride to the hills below the 134. Happy trails, Possum!

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The truth is that I’ve been afraid of our chickens!  imagine that, all this talk about urban farming and I was afraid of getting pecked.  My husband, being the great man that he is, insisted that I catch and hold the chickens and get over my fear.  The first time I tried it I looked like Rocky Balboa chasing the rooster and I didn’t even get close.  hi five!

Hey readers, I just sat down at my computer to find the above passage–already written and ready to go. Thanks, coach! BTW, if you’re pretending to be me, you should remember: I’ve never seen Rocky. So that reference goes right over my head.

And just so you all know, I did pick up the chickens today. Every one of them. And it was neat. So thanks, coach.

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