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snookie in a snit

She just hates getting her picture taken. Pobrecita.

Plus, it looks like the only thing she got from me was her posture. (Well, that and her even temper.) Oh shoot!


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brown chicken egg

nice work, jenni

We really didn’t think she had it in her, but here it is: Jenni’s first egg! It doesn’t even have poop on it, just a bit of grass. I’ll need a few more before I can make something with it. But what to make?! If I’d have known, I would have waited to bake up this nutmeggy bread pudding. I used leftover white sandwich bread I made from the King Arthur Flour baking book and Whalers Original Dark Rum for the caramel sauce. Then I ate so much I ruined my appetite for dinner.

In other news, Ms. Snookerton is now 6 months old (and 26.5 inches tall). And today I got some neat Japanese running shoes.

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