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Acknowledgments: Thanks to the Lady H letting us know about interesting piece of literature–and for the very apt title of this post.

In the tradition of the Twilight saga, comes this:

Give up, Stephenie Meyer–and Jaccquelyn Frank and Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne Castle. This is the love story to end all supernatural love stories. So what makes it so great? I really can’t top what they’ve got on the back cover, so let’s just let them explain.

About three things you can be absolutely positive: First, every girl longs to be loved with a vast and endless passion. Second, there is a fiercely protective Immortal Hero who longs for your heart. And third, He loves you with an unconditional and irrevocable love.

This epic love story—one even greater than the story of Bella and Edward—has already been written, with you in mind as the beautiful heroine. Only this is no fantasy. You can live your life eternally with the Immortal Hero who cherishes everything about you, protects you, and loves you more deeply than you could ever imagine.

Yes, you guessed it (those caps were quite the tip-off): Our “Hero” (sic) is Jesus H. Christ. My god! They let young girls read this racy stuff?! For shame!


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on my nightstand

not highly recommended

From the back cover: “Sheik Damon El Karim had kidnapped her son Michael and taken him to Kasmara! Cory Brandel was filled with fury at his betrayal–and shattered by guilt. Sh’ed kept the child a secret from his father when her passionate affair with Damon had ended four years earlier, and now he had sworn revenge.”

Sounds pretty exciting, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. And certainly not on the fifth reading. This is one of the few duds in the outstanding Iris Johansen opus. What a shame.

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reading rainbow

This blog posting is a personal request from the coach. He’d like me to show you what I’m currently reading. Ready?

amazing book!

Maybe he thinks this isn’t appropriate reading material for someone who’s pushing thirty? But who cares if it’s reading level 4 when it’s wonderful? As you might guess, Drina is an amazing ballerina–only her grandparents won’t let her take lessons! Poor Drina: She’s an orphan and she’s half Italian. Not to ruin the series for you, but I think it will all turn out all right.

BTW, I have a sneaking suspicion that these books (which I last read at age 10) are the source of my great love for ballet romances. (Other wonderful sub-genres? Horsey girl and dedicated artist. Love those!)

BTW2, I know that Jenni (not the chicken) would be pleased to recommend Center Stage the movie to anyone who’s at all excited about this post. Just FYI.

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