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Welcome to our home, Ms. Agave Victoria Regina!

And crassula falcata and aeonium arboreum swarzkop and sedum dasyphyllum and senecio mandraliscae and senecio anteuphorbium and some red sort of echeveria.

Last week, Coach and I went to World Wide Exotics, an incredible nursery way out where the 210 meets the 5. They specialize in drought-tolerant plants–meaning ones that are hard to kill!!! (Or so I hope.)

Plus, they look really neat: Vicky looks like a really dangerous artichoke. And one of those senecios looks kind of like asparagus. I’m so excited, I also bought about a million pots. Hey Coach, wide five!


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3 chickens + 50 lbs lay mash + 5 lbs kitchen scraps = 1 shitload of poop
1 ton poop + 1 composter = an amazing kitchen garden!

For an amateur urban farmer, I’m a terrible gardener. But that’s all about to change, thanks to the chickens and our handy dandy Earth Machine!

We got ours at the Bureau of Sanitation’s bimonthly compost bin sale. And you can too. All for just $20. That’s 75% off the retail price!

But will it work? Stay tuned!

*Please excuse my profanity, but in case you don’t know, this is an actually expression, albeit one coined by me.

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